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Mar.tax began as a local New York accounting firm with owner Mark A. Rozynski servicing his loyal clients in person for over 3 decades. He is renowned for his competitive filing rates and for maximizing client savings.

Mark's expertise stretches beyond accounting to immigration consulting for clients looking to migrate to the USA from nearly every continent. This was a process he went through in 1981 (immigrating to the USA from his native Poland) and that he became deeply familiar with. Please visit sponsorshipusa.org to learn more.

Over the years, Mark developed a loyal client base and his referrals stretched to clients all over the country. In 2020, 100% of his client base went digital. The team has now since expanded, but the level of service remains the same.

Mark Rozynski

Mark A. Rozynski, CEO

How it Works

Our accountants work with you to file your tax return completely remotely. Click Get a Quote to quickly calculate your filing fee and pay online. You'll be directed to our client portal when you can upload your documents, schedule a call, or send us a message anytime. Log in through portal.mar.tax to check the status of your return or to ask us any questions.

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Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at (631) 281-4711 to learn more. We're always happy to chat or get feedback.

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