Mark A. Rozynski & Associates

Mark A. Rozynski and Associates 

Offers diversified scope of accounting services taking responsibility for the best outcome of services such as:

  • File current and back tax returns for individuals and businesses through out the year at very compatible fees.
  • Manage your books, payroll and tax payments.
  • Advice in type of business would be most suitable for your activity.
  • File W-2's and forms 1099's
  • Advice in business expansion, investments and retirement plans.
  • File applications for EIN (Employer Identification Number) for businesses
  • File applications for ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) for individuals here in the United States.
  • File for DBA's (Doing Business As), Corporations and LLC.
  • File for Non-Profit Corporations and 501C status.
  • Respond to IRS and State letters and dispute the charges.
  • Review your back income tax returns, discuss with IRS and the State your issues and negotiate the changes.

Mark A. Rozynski & Associates offers multi-languages full scope of Notary Public Services such as contracts and agreements, Last Wills, Proxies, Loan closings, refinancing, loan modifications, liens and file for Obama Care insurance.

Mark A. Rozynski & Associates is affiliated with KJRCo, Inc, ( a real estate investment company and International Immigration Services company Sponsorship USA, Inc. ( and can advice and manage all immigration issues such as sponsoring for permanent resident and work/student visas here in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or any other country of the world and file applications for citizenship and prepare for the exam.